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NTI Shadow Provides PC, Mac Users with Real-time, Continuous Back Up


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Enjoy cordless freedom and laser performance. The Cordless Desktop® MX3000 Laser offers unmatched precision and comfort on surfaces where ordinary optical mice can’t go.


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Best radio talk show hosts


The mode of entertainment has always gone through a lot of changes. The radio was not just an important scientific invention; it also created a huge impact and revolutionized the entertainment industry. The radios had a tremendous reach among the people that some radio personalities have made some permanent marks and hold a special place in the minds of the people.   Here are some the best radio hosts ever to have graced the radio stations.

Howard Stern

Howard Stern is undoubtedly the best in the business. He, not just a good radio host, he is also the most valued among all. He is also a television personality, producer, author, and actor. Howard Stern is known for his show with was nationally heard from 1986 to 2005. From 2006 he became very much exclusive for XM radio. He is known for interviewing some of the Hollywood A-listers and bringing out the best in them.

Howard Stern

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh was born in the 12th January 1951, in the town of Missouri. He hosted the talk show the Rush Limbaugh show which was nationally syndicated. He is also the author of the best sellers See I told you so and The way things ought to be. After dropping out of college Rush Limbaugh started his career as a DJ  and later worked in a lot of radio stations before working in ESPN. He has also had some famous appearances on TV.

Adam Corolla

Adam Lakers Corolla is stand up comedian and a world-famous radio personality. His comic timing is one thing that made him famous. He also holds the record for the most downloaded podcast. From  1995 to 2005 he co-hosted the calling program Loveline as well as the MTV show from 1996 and 2000.

Anthony Cumia

Anthony Cumia is the host of The Opie and the Anthony show. The show belonged to XM satellite radio and Sirius satellite radio. The Anthony Cumia stood out from the other shows because of the topics that were discussed. This made Anthony Cumia an eminent radio personality.

Greg ‘Opie’Hughes

Greg Hughes is one of the most popular podcast artists. He is also one of the hosts of The Opie and the Anthony show. Greg Hughes is popularly known as The Opie. The talk show program was at the XM satellite and Sirius satellite stations.


Jim Norton

Jim Norton is a famous American radio personality and also a stand-up comedian. His comic timing is very popular all over the country. He is also the co-host of The Opie with Greg Hughes that airs in Sirus XM radio. He has also appeared in the Tonight’s show with Jay Leno, The Late night show with David Letterman and  Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Russel Brand

Russel  Brand is an English actor, radio personality, author and activist. Russell brand attained popularity by hosting Big Brother’s Big Mouth. His popularity gained is a lot of film roles. He has acted in films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall,Get Him, Greek and also has worked as the voice actor in Despicable Me.

Daily Shows

Daily Show

If you want to stay up to date with the latest tech news from the world of computers and technology innovations, my tech podcast would be the best online place to do so. I cannot think of a better way to stay well informed about what is going on in a digital world of modern gadgets and artificial intelligence.

Computer education has never been more spread all over the globe and I decided to keep the people posted on the happenings in this sphere of education. It is more than evident that we cannot make a single move today without relying just a little bit on computers.


Medicine, construction, business, culture, arts, everything is entangled and entwined with technology, one way or the other. The digital world is evolving very quickly and already it is hard to keep track of all the news but rest assured that my tech podcast is right there with the hottest and freshest facts for my loyal listeners and readers. Follow me as I search to discover the latest mysteries revolving around the world of technology, biotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence and much more.


I believe that people have the right to know how good or bad technology is for them and how it will affect their way of life. Let us waste no time and get right to the top crazy happenings, product reviews, security alerts, scams and stories in the world of tech. Listen and stay sharp while you receive your audio tech education from the very first hand.

Many believe that technology will save us while others speak harshly against it, saying that it will ruin everything human about our world. Which one is the real truth remains to be seen. I seek for the facts and invite you to join me.

What Is Necessary For A Successful Tech Talk Show

Talk Show

In order to host a successful talk show, you do not have to just be a good host but you have to think ahead of your listeners and guests. You have to be able to predict literally every situation that might occur and consider all scenarios in order to avoid any unnecessary conflict. There are countless tricks and tips how you can do this but before you get into that, you need to understand what it takes to be the host of a talk show.

The most important thing is the idea. You need to think of an idea how you are going to host your show and then put it to realization. Determination and introspection are good for starters and charisma. You have to be harsh but charming with a good sense of humor and timing. In talk shows, the timing is everything. Most importantly, you have to understand your broadcast medium.

Guest talk

The Internet is a cyber place where millions of people gather to share their interests and explore new things. Getting the most foundational knowledge about the Internet will give you numerous possibilities and you can use them to create a talk show that will reach the targeted audience while spreading the exact message. The more audience you gather the more you will get a chance to really do something that matters with the opportunity.

Educate yourself about video and audio production

Television and video production, as well as audio, are your means to achieve your goal. If you do not know anything about these productions, now would be a good time to find out. Numerous tutorials are available to anyone with the Internet connection so it will not be that hard to go through this successfully. Your show has to be professional and sensible but unique at the same time.


This will mostly depend on your ability to set the cameras, pace the program, design a set and construct a show. It has to be informative and educational but on point with the right dose of funny just to make things a bit interesting. This leads us to the idea of the show. You have to develop a good idea that will keep your audience glued to your show. Keep it simple but on a certain level, give all the right information but in a comprehensible way.

Audio Studio

Audio Studio

During my tech talk show, we will be discussing all types of tech and what is going on in the world of technology. From in car equipment, BlueRay and DVD, home entertainment and digital art to photos, audio, TV and gaming. There is so much going on here that it will be hard to cover it all but we will get there. Feel free to join me for a chat if you feel like it.

These are exciting times and a lot of useful information will be brought to the table. The world of audio has really advanced over the last few years, the folks over at speakerxpert have really done a good job of keeping on top of that. And not only that but this podcast is a great opportunity for anyone who is into Microsoft standards to get some good suggestions and recommendation as well as listen to the various opinions on the latest gadgets. There is no better way to find out what would be the best computer configuration for your desktop or if you are into gaming, which games are the hottest in the gaming world.


We will even cover the subject of how to set up your own podcast audio studio if you feel like it as well as what is necessary to do so. Learn all about audio quality, appropriate studio equipment. After all, a part of my mission is to encourage others to spread their knowledge about tech news and technology in general. There are so many ways how technology made its contribution to the world as we know it today.

This is 2018 so it is completely safe to say that we are on the verge of unbelievable technical discoveries that will bring us closer to the ultimate mission of mankind: to be able to explore the universe in search for truth. With every new discovery, we are closer to completing this mission.


The scientist discovers something new and significant for our species each and every day so it is only fair that people should get to know about it and share their opinions on the subject. Join me and together we will uncover the mysteries of the whole new modern world of technology that is evolving as we speak.

Pod Mercials

Pod Mercials

Hi this is John Smith, your Host of the Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show. In keeping with our commitment to provide you with What’s New… What’ Best… & What’s Next in the computer and IT industry, I’m pleased to bring you our newest addition Pod Mercials.

What is a Pod Mercial?

Pod Mercials are recorded to incorporate a collection of exclusive Corporate profiles. We will be profiling for you the history of companies and the products that these high tech companies have to offer. They have chosen to do our Pod Mercials because of the feel that it is important that you the consumer have the advantage of learning about products when making that ever important decision of purchasing the product that is going to best serve your computing needs.


This is a part of the latest and newest trend among software companies and the newest business trend. Pod mercials have but one goal and that is to provide the listeners all around the world with a detailed in depth information on a certain company and their recommendations and suggestions on how to boost your own computer configurations and speeds. It is a great way for understanding informal commercials and probably this way of informing will become the future o infomercials.

This is the newest generation of commercials dedicated to technology solely and this is the most powerful source of getting the newest information from the digital world of technology. Think about it like this. If you want to find out what is the latest CPU unit or GPU or anything else related to computers, a pod mercial would be the fastest way for sure. It is a way how global companies get the recognition for their work and introduce their newest products to the global world markets.


The best thing about pod mercials is that a consumer can download it and choose what they want to see and when they want to receive it. This way of broadcasting will increase the sales but also the level of education about the components and everything else related to computers and technology. It is a good way how both the companies and consumers can all benefit from the mutual cooperation. And all this thanks to a simple audio content that is downloadable.

3 Reasons Everybody Should Learn to Code


Software is all around us in the modern world. It is so ubiquitous that in many of its most common contexts, we don’t ever think of software as playing a part. For example, a digital screen which displays a series of images needs a piece of simple accompanying software to tell it what to display and when.

Given that software is now used in some form in virtually every industry, it isn’t hard to understand why it is considered to be such a valuable skill. If you want to learn to code, it has never been easier to do. The following are the most compelling reasons for investing the time it takes to learn how to start coding your own software.

It’s Free

There are now loads of resources online that will let you learn to code for free. Code Academy is a firm favorite; not only will it help you learn to code for free, lots of sites do that, but the quality of the lessons on Code Academy is a cut above.


I recommend Code Academy also because they offer such a good range of programming languages to learn. Different languages have different uses, so finding the right one for your purposes is key to any coding project.

Because Code Academy is free, you can try the different languages for free. You should get a feel for each one relatively quickly.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Many people would love to be able to code but never pursue it because they don’t think they’ll be capable. In fact, coding is much easier than many people think. As long as you are genuinely interested in it and are willing to put the time in, there really isn’t anything stopping you from learning how to make any kind of software you like.

Many people take one look at a bunch of computer code and decide that it is indecipherable. Well, of course it is! At first anyway, but after a few lessons you’ll be surprised at how much of it you are able to understand.

A Versatile Skill

Like I said at the beginning, coding is used everywhere. There are the obvious applications, such as our smartphones and laptops, but almost every electronic device we have, from our microwaves to our Blu-ray players require coding.


Microcontrollers, such as the raspberry pi and the Arduino, have massively expanded the kind of home projects that new coders can pursue. There are many different starter kits out there, but the official starter kits are the safest bet. See here for a number of great points made by Digitizd regarding Arduino starter kits.

Microcontrollers can be connected with a number of peripherals and sensors which allow them to take measurements from the world around them and perform actions in response. The range of peripherals and sensors available has led to almost endless possibilities for Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects.

Learning to code is a useful skill, and also a highly marketable one. Anyone who wants to learn to code can do so easily. Once you have learned coding, why not have a look at potential uses for it in a business context?

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