3 Reasons Everybody Should Learn to Code

Software is all around us in the modern world. It is so ubiquitous that in many of its most common contexts, we don’t ever think of software as playing a part. For example, a digital screen which displays a series of images needs a piece of simple accompanying software to tell it what to display and when.

Given that software is now used in some form in virtually every industry, it isn’t hard to understand why it is considered to be such a valuable skill. If you want to learn to code, it has never been easier to do. The following are the most compelling reasons for investing the time it takes to learn how to start coding your own software.

It’s Free

There are now loads of resources online that will let you learn to code for free. Code Academy is a firm favorite; not only will it help you learn to code for free, lots of sites do that, but the quality of the lessons on Code Academy is a cut above.


I recommend Code Academy also because they offer such a good range of programming languages to learn. Different languages have different uses, so finding the right one for your purposes is key to any coding project.

Because Code Academy is free, you can try the different languages for free. You should get a feel for each one relatively quickly.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Many people would love to be able to code but never pursue it because they don’t think they’ll be capable. In fact, coding is much easier than many people think. As long as you are genuinely interested in it and are willing to put the time in, there really isn’t anything stopping you from learning how to make any kind of software you like.

Many people take one look at a bunch of computer code and decide that it is indecipherable. Well, of course it is! At first anyway, but after a few lessons you’ll be surprised at how much of it you are able to understand.

A Versatile Skill

Like I said at the beginning, coding is used everywhere. There are the obvious applications, such as our smartphones and laptops, but almost every electronic device we have, from our microwaves to our Blu-ray players require coding.


Microcontrollers, such as the raspberry pi and the Arduino, have massively expanded the kind of home projects that new coders can pursue. There are many different starter kits out there, but the official starter kits are the safest bet. See here for a number of great points made by Digitizd regarding Arduino starter kits.

Microcontrollers can be connected with a number of peripherals and sensors which allow them to take measurements from the world around them and perform actions in response. The range of peripherals and sensors available has led to almost endless possibilities for Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects.

Learning to code is a useful skill, and also a highly marketable one. Anyone who wants to learn to code can do so easily. Once you have learned coding, why not have a look at potential uses for it in a business context?

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