Pod Mercials

Pod Mercials

Hi this is John Smith, your Host of the Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show. In keeping with our commitment to provide you with What’s New… What’ Best… & What’s Next in the computer and IT industry, I’m pleased to bring you our newest addition Pod Mercials.

What is a Pod Mercial?

Pod Mercials are recorded to incorporate a collection of exclusive Corporate profiles. We will be profiling for you the history of companies and the products that these high tech companies have to offer. They have chosen to do our Pod Mercials because of the feel that it is important that you the consumer have the advantage of learning about products when making that ever important decision of purchasing the product that is going to best serve your computing needs.


This is a part of the latest and newest trend among software companies and the newest business trend. Pod mercials have but one goal and that is to provide the listeners all around the world with a detailed in depth information on a certain company and their recommendations and suggestions on how to boost your own computer configurations and speeds. It is a great way for understanding informal commercials and probably this way of informing will become the future o infomercials.

This is the newest generation of commercials dedicated to technology solely and this is the most powerful source of getting the newest information from the digital world of technology. Think about it like this. If you want to find out what is the latest CPU unit or GPU or anything else related to computers, a pod mercial would be the fastest way for sure. It is a way how global companies get the recognition for their work and introduce their newest products to the global world markets.


The best thing about pod mercials is that a consumer can download it and choose what they want to see and when they want to receive it. This way of broadcasting will increase the sales but also the level of education about the components and everything else related to computers and technology. It is a good way how both the companies and consumers can all benefit from the mutual cooperation. And all this thanks to a simple audio content that is downloadable.

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